SUGA contributes the society through promoting the environmental sustainability in the Group. By collaborating with environmental organizations and non-profit organization, it can arouse the community awareness as well as to deeper links and interaction between the environment, communities and the economy.


Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Commitment

As an industry leader, SUGA is committed to our corporate social responsibility to benefit society and protect the environment. We adhere to the "Supply Chain Sustainability" principle in conducting our business. Over the years, our achievements in environmental protection have been widely recognized by both the government and society at large. To give back to the community in which we are deeply rooted, we participate in a variety of charity events every year. This involvement is inspired by our belief that every single member of our society should care about the community, act for the benefits for this and next generation, and help the disadvantaged to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential.



CSR Awards and Recognition

Granted the 10 Years Plus Caring Company logo
The 6th Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Program – Corporate Citizenship Logo in the Enterprise Category
Garners HSBC Living Business Award 2015 – Green Achievement – Merit Award