Leveraging the many years of experiences in pet products manufacturing and distribution, SUGA is expanding its products and services in the pet business. By integrating SUGA's IoT (Internet of Things) technology, manufacturing capabilities and marketing expertise, and mobile/online application know-how, SUGA is establishing an ecosystem to serve the pet owners with full services from Connected Pet Appliances, Premium Quality Pet Foods, Online Pet Owner Social Community and O2O Pet Products Supply Chain.


Retail & Distribution

HappyPaws is a Hong Kong-based major distributor for pet foods and pet-related items. HappyPaws focuses on bringing premium products to pet lovers in Hong Kong and other Asia Pacific countries. Notable products include Branbanconne, Salican, The Gift For Life™ anti-aging supplement, Petite Cuisine cat food and 植物之芯 cat litter. HappyPaws is the FIRST local pet food distributor to be honored with "Heart-to-heart" and "Caring Company" awards.



HappyPaws' Mission

  • Enhance pets' quality of life and anticipate their needs
  • Actively engage in communities we serve
  • Foster a company culture where staff can learn, grow, and take pride in
  • Grow in Hong Kong and capture opportunities in other Asia Pacific countries



Current brands


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