SUGA contributes to the society through promoting environmental sustainability in the Group. By collaborating with environmental organizations and non-profit organizations, it can arouse community awareness as well as to deeper links and interaction between the environment, communities and the economy.


Environmental Commitment

Green Policy

SUGA's commitment to excellence extends to conducting business in a manner that respects society and the environment. Our environmental responsibility practices positively contribute to the community and protect the environment through donations, volunteer work and environmentally-friendly measures. The drive for cleaner production has led SUGA to adopt energy conservation in ways to reduce environmental risks and liabilities and improve our competitiveness. We also work to raise awareness and involvement in environmental protection among our staff and always encourage employers at all levels to engage in green activities with their families.

In the future, SUGA will continue ongoing efforts to fulfill our commitment to environmental protection as well as support the sustainable development at the local and global levels.



Green Measures

Environmental Management Committee

The director who chairs the Environmental Management Committee formulates and reviews the environmental policies and environmental goals of the Group. The committee monitors the performance towards meeting environmental targets and staff involvement by evaluating the results of green activities. The Environmental Committee members are appointed by the top management of subsidiaries and responsible for the promotion and implementation of operational decisions in their respective subsidiaries.

In supporting the Group for developing an all-round green culture, our Quality Assurance Division has integrated the environmental management systems and processes of ISO9001, ISO14001 and QC080000 and provided staff with environmental protection guidelines.



Awards and Certifications

2019 Corporate Environmental Leadership Award – Eco Partner Certificate



Hong Kong Green Organization
High & New Technology Enterprises Certificate

Hong Kong Green Mark Standard

Accreditation of ISO 140001:2015


Accreditation of QC 080000:2017 and ISO 9001:2015

Accreditation of ISO 13485:2016