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SUGA International Holdings Limited is a leading manufacturer and solutions provider of a broad range of electronic products...

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At SUGA, we have collected an experienced team of hardware, software and mechanical engineers...

Pet Business

Leveraging the many years of experiences in pet products manufacturing and distribution...


SUGA Announces 2023/24 Annual Results
Records Stable Cash Flow and Reduction in Inventory Level
Laying a Solid Foundation for Future Development
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Latest Development


Your Pet's Daily Solutions

Learn Everything About Your Pet's Life!

Petble employs numerous sensory technologies to capture data about your pet's life: it records how much exercise your pet takes, how much it eats and so on. Petble then analyses this data and suggests ways for you to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Big Data
Petble synchronizes data collected from multiple smart devices to a specially designed app; and, through the power of big data analysis, lets you know if anything unusual is found with your pet's behavior. 


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